The Silent Clowns

Buster Keaton
"The Great Stone Face"

The Silent Features

The Three Ages
Our Hospitality
Sherlock, Jr.
The Navigator
Seven Chances
Go West
Battling Butler
The General
Steamboat Bill, Jr.
The Cameraman
Spite Marriage

Assorted Sound Films

Sidewalks of New York
Buster Keaton at Columbia


Buster Keaton Rides Again
Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow

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Buster Keaton's Classic 30

"It is perfectly true that Keaton need not be funny to be admired.  I often find myself not caring whether I laugh so long as I can simply remain in the presence of such otherworldly, unconcerned authority." - Walter Kerr, The Silent Clowns (1975)

The Silent Clown Sections of
The Age of Comedy
are dedicated to

Walter Kerr
Walter Kerr (1913-1996),
film and theater critic
and author the the classic book
The Silent Clowns

The Age of Comedy