By John Larrabee and John V. Brennan
The Honeymooners
 The Cast
Honeymooners Chronology Pt. 1
Honeymooners Chronology Pt. 2
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Random Thoughts from our Email Exchanges
NOTE: Somewhere in the 2000s, I started re-reading old email exchanges between myself (John "Jay" Brennan) and my co-webmaster at Laurel and Hardy Central, Mr. John Larrabee. We had been corresponding since 1996, and there were literally hundreds of LONG emails to wade through. As I read them, I began pulling many of our thoughts about various topics - topics ranging from Jennifer Aniston and Teri Hatcher to the 9/11 attacks - and fashioning them into what I thought might be an entertaining little book (I still think it could be one). What follows on the next pages are some of our thoughts about The Honeymooners. - JB