The Silent Clowns

Harold Lloyd
"Just a Regular Fellow"

A Sailor-Made Man
Grandma's Boy
Dr. Jack
Safety Last
Why Worry?
Girl Shy
Hot Water
The Freshman
For Heaven's Sake
The Kid Brother

Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy/
Harold Lloyd's Funny Side of Life

Selected Short Films

Bumping Into Broadway (1919)
From Hand to Mouth (1919)
Never Weaken (1921)

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Article: "Safety Last" by Matt Barry

"In style, of course, he is a blend of certain features of the Mssrs. (Charlie) Chaplin and (Douglas) Fairbanks. He cannot reveal those fine nuances of meaning that Chaplin is master of, nor has he all of Mr. Fairbank's athletic virtuosity.  But he has a share of the qualities of each, and a dash of his own personality to complete the mixture." - The New York Times, 1922

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The Age of Comedy
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Walter Kerr (1913-1996),
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The Silent Clowns

The Age of Comedy