The Silent Clowns

Charlie Chaplin
"The Little Tramp"

The Silent Features

The Kid
The Gold Rush
The Circus
City Lights
Modern Times

Selected Shorts

The Floorwalker
The Pawnshop
A Dog's Life
The Pilgrim

Selected Sound Films and Other Charlie-Related Stuff

The Great Dictator 
Unknown Chaplin

"We recognize his battered but cherished derby, his jaunty bamboo stick, his absurd lack patch of a mustache, his monstrous shoes, and the desperate, defiant elegance of his shabby clothes.  It is Charlie, Charlie - as ever was.  Charlie - with the odds, as always,  against him. Charlie - God bless him!" - Alexander Woollcott, "Charlie - As Ever Was" (1931 Review of City Lights)

The Silent Clown Sections of
The Age of Comedy
are dedicated to

Walter Kerr
Walter Kerr (1913-1996),
film and theater critic
and author the the classic book
The Silent Clowns

The Age of Comedy