Featuring The Dead End Kids, The Little Tough Guys, The East Side Kids and The Bowery Boys

Bernard Gorcey with Ida Kramer (?) and Thelma Todd, Abie's Irish Rose (1928).  
He originated the role of Isaac Cohen in the play.

Bernard Gorcey as Mr. Mann in Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator (1941)

Leo Gorcey with James Cagney in Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)

Bobby Jordan, Gabe Dell and Leo Gorcey, Angels With Dirty Faces

Billy Halop, Huntz Hall and Bernard Punsly, Angels With Dirty Faces

Humphrey Bogart carring Bobby Jordan, with Leo Gorcey on the left.
Crime School (1938)

Huntz Hall and Gabe Dell, Crime School

Bobby Jordan with Edward G. Robinson and Margaret Hamiltion in 
A Slight Case of Murder (1938)

Left to right - Bernard Punsly, Huntz Hall, Hal E. Chester, Gabe Dell, David Gorcey
Little Tough Guy (1938)

Dead End Kid Bernard Punsly as one of W. C. Fields caddies in
The Big Broadcast of 1938

Huntz Hall in The Return of Dr. X (1939)

Leo Gorcey and Stanley Clements in the East Side Kids film Mr. Wise Guy (1942).  Clements would become an official Bowery Boy in 1956's Fighting Trouble, filling the void left by the departing Leo Gorcey

The Gorcey Boys: Papa Bernard (left) with his sons David (middle) and Leo (left).
Bennie Bartlett as Butch behind Bernard.

Gabriel Dell on The Steve Allen Show, circa the late '50s.

Outtake from The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper cover photo shoot.  Note Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall in the top row, upper righthand corner, four places from the end.  

The idea of the album cover was to tribute famous and not so famous people chosen by The Beatles themselves.  Which Beatle chose to tribute the Bowery Boys is probably lost to history.  However, Gorcey wanted to be paid for use of his image, so he was edited out of the final cover.

Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall reunite for a few moments
in the 1966 Second Fiddle to a Steel Guitar

Billy "Whitey" Benedict followed his Bowery Boys days with a long movie and television career.
Here he is with Peter Tork in The Monkees episode "Monkey Mayor" (1967)

A clearly tipsy Leo Gorcey and a sober Huntz hall in their final
appearance together, in a film called The Phynx, released in 1970, one year after Gorcey's death.

A Dead End Kid but never a Bowery Boy: Billy Halop as "Munson"
with Caroll O'Connor in the famous Sammy Davis Jr. episode of All In The Family.

Billy Benedict in The Sting (1973)

Billy Benedict in the Ellery Queen episode
"The Adventure of the Mad Tea Party" (1975).
A five-second bit as a cab driver. His passengers ar
Jim Hutton (who plays Ellery Queen) and Jim Backus.

Huntz Hall and Gabe Dell reminisce on Tom Snyder's late show Tomorrow program (1980)

Huntz Hall on David Letterman's show, 1982.

The Age of Comedy